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Ace Elecrical logo.

We are often asked "How do you come up with the ideas for your design work?" The answer is easy, we use a thorough design process.

So what does that involve? Firstly we gather information about the client, their customers and the market within which they work. Next comes the creative phase where we generate concepts and ideas. These ideas are then presented to the client for further discussion and eventually approval. Finally we enter the production phase, where the ideas become reality - websites, brochures, business cards, advertisments... whatever the client needs.

At James Barnett & Associates we greatly value ideas - answers to the challenges posed by our clients. Fortunately we can call on years of experience and a broad understanding of how clever design ideas can help clients achieve their business goals. With Ace Electrical we were asked to create an entirely new brand identity, were professionalism, efficiency and reliability were prime attributes. We decided that the logo could also have a strong, physical component that would reinforce the main brand attributes and also reflect the 'trade' nature of the work.

logo development

The initial designs were refined and developed in the sketchbook before moving on to the computer. The sketchbook is where the smart designer begins working, where the raw ideas are generated, it is here where solutions are found. The best ideas are then developed further on the computer before finding their way to the client and finally on to production.

The final design work was applied to a number of promotional channels, helping to generate an exciting, bold brand. This modern brand was created using good ideas generated with pencil and paper!

final designwork

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