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21.02.08: Art of flyfishing.

This informative and visually stunning website celebrates the persuit of wild trout in wild places. It showcases painting and photography alongside articles on places to fish, examples of trout fly patterns and fly fishing techniques. If you enjoy flyfishing for trout you will undoubtedly find something of interest.

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The site is also an opportunity for James to indulge in two of his favourite pastimes - painting and trout fishing! James originally studied at the Winchester School of Art, where he was exposed to a flood of creative thinking and experimented with many forms of visual expression. Now he uses painting, drawing and photography to capture the spirit of trout fishing in New Zealand.

Fishing has been part of James' life from a very young age. He was ten years old when he discovered trout fishing and soon took up the challenge of tempting them on fly. This site taps into more than 30 years experience, highlighting techniques and flies that have consistantly proved successful.

The 'WildrnessTrout' website is in its infancy, intentions are to feature many more drawings and paintings, as well as limited edition prints. Other more technical, interactive fishing features are also planned.

Website - www.wildernesstrout.co.nz

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